Are you an Indianapolis-area youth, age 16-24, looking for a job? Sign up for Project Indy and get access to nearby Indianapolis employers with great jobs. Signing up takes just a few minutes.

“Together with our non-profit and corporate partners, Project Indy will give thousands of local young people job experience and useful skills.”

– Mayor Joe Hogsett

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What is Project Indy?

Project Indy is comprised of a network of community organizations, employers, and corporate partners who are providing job opportunities, soft-skill development and job-readiness training to in-school and out-of-school youth in Marion County.

Many participants are looking for summer jobs, while others are seeking full-time employment, and anything in between.

Young Adults

    Are you an Indianapolis-area youth, age 16-24, looking for a job? Sign up for Project Indy in just a few minutes.

    Once you've signed up you can start applying to jobs at nearby Indy employers. 



    1.  Complete the sign up form.
    2. Connect with a PivotCX team member to set up your location(s) and upload job opportunities.
    3. Engage with interested job-seekers and start hiring youth.

    Job Ready Indy (JRI) is a workforce development initiative that aims to validate the attainment of job skills by participants through an online badging system. It was created through collaboration by Mayor Joe Hogsett, EmployIndy, the Indy Chamber, and various employers and community organizations around Marion County.

    Look for Job Ready Indy badges on the profiles of Project Indy job seekers, and know that they have had the opportunity to learn in-demand soft skills that all employers value.

    Job seekers who have earned the JRI badges, were guided through interactive courses on EmployIndy's Learning Hub or in-person sessions. No matter how much experience one may have in the workforce, JRI helps workers of all levels to fortify the skills they need to advance their professional portfolios and take their careers to the next level. The curriculum explores different aspects of individual perception, from personal strengths and skillsets to distinctive work styles and time management. JRI guides participants in distinguishing their abilities and ambitions while also identifying areas in need of improvement, providing objective insight into the development of their professional selves.

    All said and done, job seekers who have earned JRI badges have completed up to 33 hours of professional development in their pursuit of strengthening their workplace habits, resulting in a boon for hiring companies.

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